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tv   1943 U.S. Navy Documentary December 7th  CSPAN  December 7, 2014 12:51pm-12:56pm EST

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>> [indiscernible] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] >> you are watching "american history tv." follow us on twitter for information on our schedule, keepg rogue rims, and to up with the latest history news. >> each week "real america" --ngs you archival go archival film to help tell the story of the new century. after the japanese attack on pearl harbor, franklin roosevelt asked for the creation of a motion picture that would document the event. an accomplished cinematographer, he hoped that this would be his directorial debut, fictionalizing scenes of
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racially insensitive use of japanese hawaiians in react of the attack, some done with miniature models. producer john ford took over the project and created a simpler version approved by the navy and later won an academy award for best short set -- best short subject. not original version was released until many years later and was recently restored by the national are as. early sunday morning on the on theof hawaii who, hilltop uncle sam remained fast --eep, warned of the fire not one of the fire coming from across the oceans, tired of rating languages conscience and fatigue after a long, dark night of disturbing events. .s indeed, 1941 was
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safe behind the military naval ramparts, the city of honolulu, like many other unsuspecting american communities, was also asleep. from receiving warnings the war and navy departments, they had secretly been in effect for 11 days. this provided suitable defense against possible acts of sabotage but made no provision against attack or invasion. as they came to the armor -- armies plumber base, on this sunday morning the planes were concentrated in hangers or lined up, row by row, on the open field. immediately adjacent is pearl harbor. the navy's $100 million face. here on this morning, a tragic day of reckoning, capital ships, heavy and light cruisers lay at anchor.
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86 vessels in all. at thedent occurred warning station, officially having closed at 7:00, they received training to receive information that the station. certain of his findings, he called essential information center over the phone. >> excuse me, sir, this is private lockhart. lanes are approaching to the east a distance of 130 miles. >> we have been expecting some things from the mainland. >> thank you. >> this incident would have given our forces brief up precious time for defense action.
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regrettably, private lockhart's warning was unheeded. >> 7:50 a.m. according to the clock on the lower tower. >> historian peter henrique discusses george washington's relationship with benedict arnold. he looked at how washington's response to arnold's failed plan to deliver west point to the british offers insights about his leadership and character. he also talks about what happened to both vision and american participants after the plot was uncovered. this event was hosted in colonial williamsburg and is about one hour. >> thank you so much for that warm welcome. i am really pleased to see so many people in the audience. as i was driving down through heavy rain i sai


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